Whisky – Alcohol And Weight Gain


There are a lot of stories relating alcohol with gaining weight. The recent researches show how alcohol boost gain weight enormously. The theory is about the calorie content that we can get from drinking alcohol. However, recent studies shows that alcohol calories are not efficiently utilized and do not generally lead in gaining weight. Red wine and White wine are healthy alcohols but this does not mean that it will lead you in gaining weight, in contrary these type of alcohol keeps your heart to be healthy.

Experimental studies shows that alcohol and weight gain are not necessarily interconnected. In a period of six months, researchers from Colorado University, reported that wines and most of it varieties did not affect the living subjects they tested. There has been no sign of obesity or whatsoever. Other studies shows that alcohol intake do not really lead into gaining weight as it even help in digesting the calories we get from carbohydrates. It is more of am acid than a supplement. Alcohol even helps fats and other weight gaining supplements to be burned. This is a fact and studies concluded that alcohol consumption will never cause a problem about obesity. However, what have been the grounds of the recent studies on coming up that alcohol is attributed in gaining weight?

Alcohols like beers, rum, whiskey, and the like contains calories. These calories would certainly be transformed into unused energy and would help in developing fats. On this you would gain weight caused by alcohol consumption. This is what the old theory says, however, alcohol doesn’t really lead in gaining weight. Why? The reason is very simple, the energy is not efficiently used and that that alcohol also appears to increase metabolic rate significantly, thus causing more calories to be burned rather than stored in the body as fat. This rather even makes the fat burned and it has resistance with insulin you do not really get fat by consuming it. The bottom line, alcohol is never related on gaining weight but should even be seen and used as a tool for losing fat and carbohydrates. Whatever the reasons, the consumption of alcohol appears not to be associated with weight gain, and this evidence is based on a large number of studies of thousands of people around the world.

This article however, does not contain all the information to support the recent theory. Until now the relation of alcohol into weight gain remains an enigma to all nutritionist. Like what Dr. Rumsfeld says, alcohol consumption may or may not be involved in gaining weight. However, if we take everything moderately we should worry on its aftereffects. Alcohol helps the body to recuperate from diseases and other ailments but the over-consumption of it would certainly lead to something undesirable.

There we go we can keep alcohol into our diet without worrying that it causes weight gain but we must learn to take it moderately. Moderate consumption would even help you improve your health and have a healthier lifestyle.


Source by Gen Mason

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