More than Pop?

Arran Arctic was originally discovered by a rusting Icelandic whaling ship, floating alone on an iceberg in the Arctic Circle. The shaken crew members enquired as to how he came to be travelling in such a strange way upon the ocean swell. No answers were ever given.

Suffering from amnesia, Arctic began a new life upon the vessel, entertaining the sailors after discovering a penchant for weaving songs and sea shanties long forgotten into modern melodies. His singing voice slowly unveiled a Northern Irish accent, a clue perhaps to his origins.

Arctic continues to travel to this day, mysteriously drawn towards the North. As the creaking hull of his ship ploughs through ice sheets, he gives birth to more and more traveller’s tales, endlessly searching for the answer to his existence and very personal enigma.

In reality, Arran Arctic (real name Arran Southall) is a genre-hopping D.I.Y. musician, described by some as a one-man-band. He tends to play most of his own instruments and generally records and produces all his music single-handedly.

Arctic hails from Portrush, Northern Ireland, but now lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is widely regarded as an honorary Scot. Although he has produced electronica, experimental and pop works, Arctic will always be a folkie at heart.

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music at www.highlands.at

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