Hip-Hop aus Schottland?

Wer der Meinung ist in Schottland gibt es nur Pipes and Drums – der irrt!
Hier stellen wir die Musik der schottischen Rapper/Hip-Hopper  Sons of Scotland vor.
Wir denken, Freedom of Speech trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf!

First released material through Sons of Scotland with fellow emcee and Edinburgh resident Deeko, the duo gained success in Scotland and performed at various gigs throughout the country. The release itself, created an underground following for both artists, however Werd (S.O.S) never reached a larger audience until the release of ‘The Scottish Rapper’ towards the end of 2008. This mix tape attracted the ears of local promoters and artists projecting him to new heights and gaining exposure on a national scale.

In recent years Scottish hip-hop in the mainstream continued to surface with many older artists and groups such as Scotland Yard Emcees helping create the foundation in Edinburgh and likewise II Tone Committee in Glasgow. Werd therefore has continued to push the music, already making waves in the underground scene and appearing on national UK radio and international hip-hop stations in Germany, Norway, France and US. Featured on local stations such as Glasgow University’s Subcity Radio and Steg G’s Sunny Govan Community Radio he has progressed to larger national stations such as BBC Radio 1Xtra and Scotland’s BBC Radio 1.

Werd has worked with, and continues to work with new and old artists in Scotland and abroad, creating music with some of Edinburgh’s top producers and artists in the genre as well as performing gigs at venues in the major cities. Venues such as The Ark, GRV, Club Media, The Jazz Bar, Cruz, Club Berlin, The Hide, Bongo Club, Shanghai Club, The Voodoo Rooms, The Venue and The Yard (as part of Music2be Festival) have hosted Werd on stage in Edinburgh, also the famous 13th Note, and Beat Club in Glasgow. Werd has also played as part of the 2010 Dunnedin Glen Festival. His music is mainly described as Scottish hip-hop however he also performs live with electro band Savage Sound System and Zambian Astronaut creating more of a trip-hop / rock experience.

Drew Devine / Werd: Scottish Rapper
Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) Publishing located in Edinburgh (Auld Reekie).

We at Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) are working hard to push Scottish hip-hop as far as we can, your support and donations are greatly appreciated and all money taken in will go towards further releases. Sons of Scotland (S.O.S) is an independent record label/publishing for, and ran by Scottish emcee + producer Drew Devine.

‘Don’t act rash, cause we started from scratch.’

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Hip-Hop aus Schottland?
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