Enlightenment : Music Played on the Shepherd Scottish Smallpipe

” like the phoenix coming back from the ashes , I know what’s good but I know what trash is … ”

“while it is normally the musician who takes prominence, here the Instrument is put to the forefront and it stacks up well, a mouthblown Smallpipe in UPPER D it has a lovely tone as this recording demonstrates . even if you have no Intention of taking up the Smallpipes this still makes for a good 50 minutes entertainment ”
— Chris MacKenzie, the Living Tradition

Song for the Smallpipe
was written whilst learning to play the ‘ Shepherd Smallpipe ‘ although the fingering is the same as the highland bagpipes ,the Upper D Chanter has to be played using the fingertips . most Pipers will find this difficult at first and the slow air was the natural starting point for me – Robert Mathieson

Label: Douglas MUSIC
Members: Various Artists
Scotland, Britain (UK)

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